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Video Gallery WordPress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo


Author: ZoomIt
Date: Feb, 2011
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 Responsive, localized, awesome, fully featured, fast. The most advanced stock video gallery in the world! Now as a WordPress plugin! WordPress 3.3.2 Compatible 1. Three skins for you to choose from. So now it can fit perfectly in your site design. 2. A custom admin panel prepared for the gallery. Feeds from self hosted videos, […]

Posted August 4, 2012 by admin


 Responsive, localized, awesome, fully featured, fast. The most advanced stock video gallery in the world! Now as a WordPress plugin!

WordPress 3.3.2 Compatible

1. Three skins for you to choose from. So now it can fit perfectly in your site design.

2. A custom admin panel prepared for the gallery. Feeds from self hosted videos, videos hosted on s3 amazon, youtube, vimeo, images, vimeo or even audio ( so it’s a media gallery )

3. Has html5 functionality so that it can display on iPhone / iPad.

4. Cross-browser compatible. Works on every major browser.


  • easy install – purchase, download the zip, access your WordPress Admin Menu > Plugins > Add New > Upload zip and that’s all! Go to Settings > Zoom Video Gallery and start adding videos.
  • two skins + skin generator – choose from Complete or Light skin for every gallery you setup
  • iPhone/iPad compatible – this plugin generates html5 videos if the visitor is on an iToy
  • full of choices – set up the gallery just by inputing your YouTube user/playlist in the ‘feed’ tag of the xml file. all descriptions/titles/thumbs/videos will be feeded directly from YouTube so you won’t need to write anything other then that
  • hybrid – it can be a video player / example in the preview
  • extensive admin panel – admin panel with lots of options to make the gallery as customizable as possible, yet easy to use. Comes with a drag & drop html5 uploader too! And awesome functionality like drag & drop for items, duplicate galleries etc. to make your life easier while editing the gallery. You can setup unlimited number of galleries in the admin as well as put them in the content.
  • backup database / import, export feature – keep your database safe and do regular backups via the Export Database feature included with this plugin.
  • easy to install – install and get this plugin ready in less then three minutes. Add it to your content via a simple shortcode – [videogallery id=”theidyousetintheadmin”] .
  • auxiliary shortcodes – want to get a single video in your post without having to go through the admin ? The , [youtube] and [vimeo] shortcodes are built just for that. You just have to set the id for the youtube or vimeo shortcode, or the location for the video shortcode.

What clients say

nice work as always


Showcase – where clients used this gallery


I have different galleries and I am changing the IDs on the pages however the same gallery keeps coming up.

The correct form of the shortcode with a gallery id is [videogallery id=”theid”] . As long as the id is the same as in the gallery you are creating in the admin, there should be no problem to have different galleries.

There might be a problem however with WordPress recognizing the id, this might be because you have entered something like [videogallery id=”theid”] insted of [videogallery id=”theid”] – notice the difference between and

Also try without the apostrophes – [videogallery id=theid]

You can also try [videogallery id=theid] – no quotation marks

Hello, I downloaded your Video Gallery plugin and although it says I should be able to use multiple players with multiple playlists on different pages using the shortcode, the same player shows up on every page. Can you please help me?

You just need to create multiple instances via the Settings > DZS Video Gallery admin.

You create for instance to separate galleries – gal1 and gal2. You then add them where you want in your post / page via the [videogallery id=”gal1”] and [videogallery id=”gal2”] shortcodes.

How many videos can it hold? is there a limit to how many videos I can have on the plater

The number of videos supported by the gallery is virtually unlimited. Just don’t put something like tens of thousands (10,000) of videos or it might work a little slow :P

Please can you tell me, can I put different instances of this player on different pages of my site, so not the same player repeated on other pages

You can set up as many instances of the player / gallery as you want – and set it up on each page through [videogallery id=”theid”] shortcode – works in template pages as well via php code or even as an widget

Hi, regarding your worpress video player plugin, does it support youtube playlists or is it only individual videos

It supports youtube playlists feed, youtube user feed, and individual videos and Vimeo user channel feed

What’s the PHP code to set this gallery outside of posts/pages ( in template files for example )
echo do_shortcode('[videogallery id="theid"]');


But the video title and descriptions have to be in English. Any non-English character won’t show in the playlist. Could you help me with this issue? Thanks.

I made a video here on how to embed non english characters

When I try to upload the video files to WordPress’ Media feature, it’s telling me the files are too large. Can’t exceed 8MB. Is there a way around this, so I can get the videos into DZS

Well.. that is the limit your host providers has set for web file uploads. Usually, that is 8MB like in this case and sometimes it’s 32MB ( like on HostGator ). If you have files larger then this limit, you need to copy them on your host via FTP ( preferably on the same domain ) and input the link to it in the field left to the Upload button.

Can it display multiple playlist from different users ? What will happened after I installed your plugin as existing theme also have gallery ?
From backend, you can see all the videos retrieve from playlists ? Can I arrange the videos from playlists into category n pages ?

Yes, but in different galleries.

Probably nothing, but in the extremely unlikely case the theme gallery has the same shortcode [videogallery] it will be overwritten.

No, the playlist ordering is done by YouTube. You just have to set the id of the playlist.

I get this error Warning: file_get_contents(http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/ http://www.youtube.com/user/PrimeKreative/uploads?v=2&alt=jsonc) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP /1.0 400 Bad Request in /home2/primekre/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/dzs-videogallery/videogallery.php on line 186

This error will appear if you are using playlist / user channel feed / vimeo user channel feed and have allow_furl_open disabled on your host, because the server can’t get the API data from YouTube vimeo.. There is no valid reason to have that disabled.

You’ll need to enabled allow_furl_open on your server or ask your host to do it …

More info: http://www.tectite.com/vbforums/showthread.php?842-Allow-Url-Fopen

Designer Center does not work for me.

Make sure you have selected Use Custom Design in the DZS Video Gallery in the Video Gallery you are editing.

Video Gallery will not work. I am using YouTube Playlist feed.

If your playlist id is in this form PL7FAF7B7187A183D7 it should actually be like this -> 7FAF7B7187A183D7 so without the PL characters at start.

I have entered all the videos addresses from Vimeo via the admin panel however, I’m unable to see the thumbnails on the front end. Please advise.

1. enable allow_url_fopen in PHP -> http://php.net/manual/en/filesystem.configuration.php , http://www.solo-technology.com/blog/2010/04/07/quick-fix-for-url-file-access-is-disabled-issues/


2. input the thumbs manually in the Thumb field, I even made a tool for that -> http://digitalzoomstudio.net/vimeo-thumbnail-generator/

Does this work with uploaded .flv, .wmv, .avi and mpg4 files?
  • It works with YouTube, Vimeo videos ( you just need to enter the video id in the admin )
  • It works with .flv files ( h.264 .mp4 / .m4v / .mov are recommended though because iPhone can read only that )
  • It works with .mp3 files
  • It works with images
Will it work with Videos hosted on Amazon s3?


  • What do you get?

    • video gallery WordPress plugin – get creative!
    • LIFETIME updates! – We are constantly updating and adding features to our components to keep the latest standards and trends. You will get all these updates for free even if the price of the gallery increases.
    • free support! – for installation via my forum -> http://digitalzoomstudio.net/support/ this is the fastest form of support
    • documentation – extensive documentation on how to install & configure the plugin


    • PHP5 or later required for the widget form to work, if you have WordPress 3.2+ , you have PHP5 for sure
    • iPads and iPhones cannot have a custom skinned player. Their OS does not allow other player other then their owns, which by the way looks very good ( you can see the demo here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puj20NRu5VM ) but if you change the skin in the gallery it won’t go beyond the default one for iOS
    • Gallery Designer Center is offered as a bonus and may not work on some servers – no support is offered for this at the moment

    Test it

    Front-end – http://thezoomer.net/theme1/?page_id=30
    Back-end – http://thezoomer.net/theme1/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=zs1_menu [ user: test, password: test ]

    The database resets every half an hour to preserve the original options for new visitors.


    • You need PHP 5 .2 + on your server in order for the widget to work ( if WordPress 3.2 or later works, the plugin will work too, no need to worry)
    • The designer center is only for video and youtube type. Vimeo type cannot be skinned as too Vimeo terms, but their skin is already slick enough. The menu will still be skinned, just not the vimeo player.
    • If you feeding from YouTube user channel or Vimeo user channel – the videos are arranged as YouTube / Vimeo publish them. You cannot arrange them manually – you will need to add them manually if you want that.


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